February 9, 2021 Kevin Kincaid

Shopping for Health Care?

We shop for everything else we use, why not shop for healthcare? First, let me clarify the difference between healthcare and health insurance. Healthcare are your providers: The doctors, nurses, and facilities that take care of you health. Health Insurance is how you pay for that healthcare.

Most folks we provide health insurance for have been or are shopping for that insurance. Once we provide the best solution for them, we encourage them to keep that shopping mentality for the care—providers and facilities that will provide top-notch care at the fair prices.

Few industries—at least legal ones—price gouge more than healthcare. Their markup / discount practices can be so outrageous and there is little to no accountability to keep it under control.


People are so used to copays for RXs they don’t even realize they are often paying more than they can get if for cash! I priced (25) of the most common generic meds and (23) of them are $0 to $20…There are apps like Good RX, Pharmacy programs like Kroger RX, and others, that greatly reduce your out of pocket on what are often referred to as Tier 1 and Tier 2 meds.


One of your clients had to have some cardio tests done. Through a shopping service provided with many of our policies, she was directed to (4) nearby facilities. The prices—for the exact same tests—ranged from under $1,300 to over $13,000! With the insurance we sold her, she actually got money back!


These hi-res imaging scans don’t have to cost $2,500. We’ve directed clients locally to MRI centers for $550. Same test. Same results.

How about a 3-D Mammo for under $200?! That’s at a ProScan facility, not an RV in an alley.


Okay, Kincaid, now you’ve gone too far…Nope. It’s true. You can actually shop for non-emergent surgeries. In fact, I know of a place that is fraction the cost of most places and guarantees their work!


Other Ways to Save:

  • Use TeleDoc / Telemedicine if you have it
  • Go to Urgent Care (UC) in lieu of ER if needs can be meet in UC
  • Go to family physician in lieu of UC if needs can be met
  • Download RX savings app like Good RX
  • Shop for services
  • Find discounted / free Diabetes services / supplies (often have A1C test for around $15; free meters, discounted strips; free classes, etc.)
  • Set up payment plan with providers
  • Negotiate discounted settlement for immediate pay
  • Have regular checkups
  • Look for free clinics

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